Compact Guide for Selecting Diamond Stud Earrings

Classic and versatile jewelry is an excellent gift, and when we say perfect, Diamond studs earrings comes to the mind. Didn’t you like little pieces of diamonds decorated across your ears? So, is your anniversary is nearing, and you are confused about what gift you want to give to show your heart to your beloved one?


I have a solution for you.

The best way to the heart is via gift. This post is all about that. Here you will learn how you can select the perfect diamond stud earrings for your beloved one. Let’s get you started,


Look For the Diamond Cut

The cut of a diamond determines its radiance. The most popular shapes of diamond for stud earrings are Asscher, Round, and Princess cut diamond. In a nutshell, any diamond earring will look good when both of the jewel pieces are well balanced in size. It gives a visible symmetry which in return makes the stud stunning and beautiful. So, when you purchase stud earrings make sure to look for a cut which is symmetric in shape and size.

The Right Carat Weight

Carat plays an undeniably important role in choosing stud earrings. Remember, when you see carat online, they show the carat of both diamonds combined. Another important thing to observe is when you select a low carat for earrings; you cannot hide it under smaller stones. Why? It is because the setting in the stud earring tends to be minimalist. You can also take the help of the popular 4C guide of diamond to decide the right carat of diamond.

Fancy Color Might Suit Your Taste

Fancy colors can add kudos to your diamond stud earrings. If you want to talk about the favorite choice of color in stud diamonds, then you can have a diamond in yellow or black diamond is easy to find on online stores. Some other fancy colors are blue, green, and pink. Argyle pink is rare and expensive, but they can ace the value of your gift.

The Diamond Setting

The setting and the back of the diamond also plays a significant role in the stud earrings. Some of the most familiar settings are basket and prong setting. They are minimalist, classic, and effectively showcase the diamond. If you opt for low carat diamond, you can choose the halo cut as it enhances the size of the diamond visually.

Conclusive Remarks

Make sure that you follow these points when you decide to purchase the diamond stud earrings for the love of your life. Contact Koosh Jewelers for more information and exotic collection of stud earrings. We are the best in business.